Welcome to the Lemon Kitchen. On this blog, you’ll find recipes, success stories, and tips for making and eating good food without sacrificing the well-lived life.

About us:

We are two hard-working women in Arizona – full-time interpreters and amateur chefs. Unlike many other food bloggers, we’re not classically trained in French cuisine (or any other kind of cuisine), but we appreciate good food and like experimenting with recipes, substituting ingredients, and completely making stuff up on occasion. Our goal is to share delicious meal ideas that won’t keep you in the kitchen all day. We don’t have time for that, and we’re sure you don’t either. In today’s world, life moves so fast that it’s hard to justify spending fifteen minutes chopping cilantro.

Claire is a 23-year-old French interpreter from Phoenix, AZ. Her main goal in cooking is to make sure her boyfriend doesn’t starve [she cooks, he cleans], and following the Medifast diet. Since the diet requires one meal of protein and vegetables, it tends to be simple, but she lives vicariously through her boyfriend’s delicious yet healthy meals.

Sammy is a 40-something Mandarin Chinese interpreter and elementary-aged teacher living in Mesa, AZ. She’s an organized chef, with weekly meal plans and scheduled grocery trips. Samantha’s shelves are filled with cookbooks discovered at Goodwill, Ross and garage sales, and she adheres to their recipes with varying degrees of strictness.

About the name:

Aside from being very dry, Arizona is famous for its citrus. Lemon is such a key ingredient in many recipes, and fresh lemon abounds in this area. Samantha is fluent in English and an excellent orator, but she confuses “chicken” and “kitchen” when she says them out loud. Given our acidic sense of humor, Southwestern locale, and occasional confusion in the kitchen, we thought this represented our intentions and personalities perfectly.

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